Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oscar's Cafe & Terrace (Conrad)

After my first visit here two years ago, I revisited Oscar's last week. The quality of the food was good but it seemed that the variety was lacking. 

The usual- salad bar. 

Huge slabs of sashimi were placed in the glass counters and would be cut upon your request. I requested for salmon and they cut a thick slice of the salmon which was succulent and very fresh.

If you like frozen seafood, they have scallops, prawns, mussels and crayfish for you to choose from. Surprisingly, the crayfish and prawns retained their juiciness.

There was a counter outside where you had your pick of prawn noodles, laksa, bak kut teh etc. I had such a kick out of eating this prawn noodle. Savoury but not too salty, the prawn noodles soup was balanced and the chilli raised the shiokness of the soup by one notch.

There were also stations for Indian food and Italian food. I didn't try the Indian food because nothing looked too attractive. The Italian food counter had roasted meats, pasta etc.

Desserts time! You must try the their signature Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crust. Rich chocolate laid on a crunchy and fragrant hazelnut crust- it's a crime not to go for second servings.

On a side note, a few years back, I won a Christmas cake from Conrad for joining some competition- that was when my love-relationship began with Conrad. Sadly, I think they have stopped making the Christmas cake. Every Christmas, I still dream of the whirlwind romance I had with this dense chocolate cake laced with orange flavour.

There was also a waffle-making counter. The waffles were very dark at the bottom, suggesting that they were slightly burnt? But the lady manning the waffles counter said that they weren't. So I took it and asked for a scoop of ice cream on it. Clearly, the waffles were slightly burnt as it was bitter. Nonetheless, the ice cream made up for it, definitely serving good quality ice cream here!

There was a variety of chocolates to choose from- by then, my guilt index had shot up so much that I could no longer convince myself to take a piece of chocolate.

Ended the meal with a cup of cappuccino.

The buffet is definitely above average. At a price tag of $54++, the quality and freshness of the food justify the price, although variety can be improved. Service is also good and friendly.

Oscar's Café & Terrace 
Conrad Centennial
2 Temasek Boulevard, Lobby Level
Tel No: +65 6432 748


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