Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wheeler's Yard

The hipster quotient for this place just shot through the roof. When we first reached, one of us said, "Is this place open?" Turns out it was, just that the entrance was just round the corner. 

Situated in a factory, Wheeler's Yard sells bicycles and food- that's a combination that is probably the first in Singapore.

We went here after lunch so we decided to settle for drinks and desserts, which unfortunately fell flat of our expectations. 

We should have known since the cakes were left at one side of the counter and were not listed on the menu itself. 

The Lemon Tart here was average with the pie crust tasting like it was bought off the shelves of a supermarket. 

The Tiramisu had a proportion of lady fingers : cheese that I didn't like. For the same price, L'Atelier Tiramisu beats this hands down. The coffee taste was weak. A completely forgettable tiramisu.

Service is incredibly slow when they are operating at full capacity. Interesting place, but one visit is more than sufficient.

Wheeler's Yard
28 Lorong Ampas
Tel No: 6 254 9128 


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