Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kusu Island

Many things in life don't go according to plan. But as long as we are fine with going with the flow, who knows what we may find? 

Initially, we wanted to go to Lazarus Island. But things didn't go according to plan as there weren't ferries to Lazarus Island during the Kusu Island pilgrimage month. 

We proceeded to Kusu Island then- on a ferry where we were the youngest passengers on a weekday morning. 

For $16, you get a return ticket to Kusu Island. Get to Marina South Pier first and then get to the Singapore Island Cruise booth. Check out the ferry schedule before you leave as well.

It was a 20 minute boat ride to Kusu Island. 

Kusu Island means "Tortoise Island". It is a legend that a magical tortoise turned itself into an island to save two shipwrecked sailors. Every year during the ninth lunar month, devotees will go to Kusu Island.

On the way to the Tua Pek Kong temple.

Besides a temple and a Keramat, you will also get to enjoy some beautiful views- look at how clear the waters are (at least compared to say, East Coast Park)! You can swim, fish, have a picnic (which we did, and it was fantastic) or just have a stroll.

We left the ferry terminal at 10 plus and reached back mainland at around 2 p.m. If you are looking for somewhere where you can still get internet connection yet get away from the bustle of city life, why not make a trip to Kusu Island?


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