Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dancing Crab

Yet another of those dining experiences this year that make me go "Wow, I need to start telling people how good the food here is." Make your reservations way in advance because this place fills up very quickly. 

Dancing Crab serves country-style Cajun seafood. Cajuns are an ethnic group mainly living in Louisiana, USA. Based on what limited supposed Cajun cuisine I have tried so far, it seems that a trip to New Orleans is absolutely necessary to the happiness of my stomach.

Instead of the mantous that we are used to in Chinese restaurants, we ordered some Grilled Butter Rolls ($2 per piece). These lightly buttered rolls were perfect to mop up the goodness of the sauce for the seafood- regardless of whether it's Western style or Chinese style crabs, it is a waste to leave any kind of sauce in the plate!

These Garlic Soy Sauce Wings ($9) were as good as or better than the highly raved 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. Very crispy chicken coated with a sweet, salty and addictive garlic soy sauce.

The star of the show had to be the Combo Bag ($80). Supposedly for 2 people to share, we shared it amongst 3-4 people. It consisted of a Sri Lankan Crab, prawns, clams, potatoes, corn and sausages.

Here, you get to return to human's caveman instincts and just eat with your hands. I am a person who, as far as possible, tears a prawn apart using utensils because I am too lazy to wash my hands and do not like my hands reeking of seafood. But here, it's hard not to think "Aiya, whatever, eat with hands then eat with hands la." For the avoidance of doubt, the smell of the sauce lingered on after many hand washes until the next day. 

You could choose from different sauces- Dancing Crab Signature (Mild, Spicy or Extra Spicy), Herb Butter, Beurre Blanc and Tangy Garlic Butter. We got the Dancing Crab Signature. The sauce had a tomato base, with garlic and other herbs and seasoning. It tasted like tomato pasta sauce, but a more refined version of it. 

Seafood- fresh. Corn- juicy. Experience- wonderful. 

Don't come here if you don't want people to judge you for eating messily. But besides that, there is no reason why you should skip this place if you love seafood.

Service- server who took our orders had an extremely indifferent and bored face. They were also short handed.

Dancing Crab
The Granstand
200 Turf Club Road
Tel No: 6 466 3303 


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