Monday, August 10, 2015

Halia (Botanic Gardens)

We had passed by Halia on many occasions when visiting Botanic Gardens but only decided to have a meal there recently to celebrate an occasion. 

We ordered the Broken Baguette Bruschetta ($10) to nibble on while waiting for our main course. Usually, bruschetta is served as grilled bread topped with garlic and ingredients such as tomato. Here, they separate the garlic, the tomato and the bread. What you get is a very fragrant garlic confit and a chilled tomato compote to spread on the little pieces of baguette. 

As mains, I ordered Halia's Singapore-style chilli crab Spaghettini ($26). Spicy and tangy, the generous portion of crab meat and pasta was satisfying.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Die Die Must Have Chocolate ($12). This was a nice portion for two to share. Chocolate-orange, chocolate-raspberry, basically chocolate-anything makes for a heavenly combination.

The two main ingredients in the dessert are chocolate and raspberry. The interplay between the contrasting flavours resulted in a delectable dessert- think sour and sweet versus rich and slightly bitter.

Besides the flavour, the texture of the ingredients were well thought out as well. Crispy pieces of cocoa nib tuiles, and raspberry and chocolate bits, were put against the pillowy chocolate marshmallows and smooth raspberry ice cream.

Service here was warm and helpful.

If there was one thing that stood out (besides the quality of food and great service), it was the ambience of sitting in the midst of lush greenery, while enjoying the live music by their resident band. I enjoyed myself so much listening to the live band rendering well-executed jazz classics.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
Tel No: 6 476 6711 


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