Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Little Red Brick (Past Forward: Hearts & Craft Exhibition)

I belong to a generation where there were no iPhones or iPads when we were growing up. Play time sometimes consisted of stacking lego bricks in various colours. It is therefore always amazing how lego enthusiasts can build beautiful structures out of these bricks. 

Until 28 August 2015, you can catch this exhibition (The Little Red Brick Show) at the National Library. 

There are depictions of scenes which are beyond my time. Take for example, the samsui women. Samsui women are the group of Chinese immigrants who came to Singapore between 1920s and 1940s to search for construction and industrial jobs.

There is also this scene of the new enlistees being sent off at the old Central Manpower Base at Dempsey Hill, Tanglin Barracks. Nowadays, the sending off is at Pulau Tekong. The venue might have changed but the tearful farewells remain. 

We used to have these funky orange and white striped bus stops. Didn't seem that long ago though! I also remember that some buses did not have air-con (and were thus cheaper) and you had to calculate your fare before pressing the button on the machine and holding on to that precious piece of paper dispensed from the machine until you alighted.

Singapore has a lot of interesting architecture if you bother to look around. This is at Koon Seng Road, where there is a row of colourful houses.

These hello kitties were particularly memorable. These were the millennium hello kitties 15 years ago which caused lines to snake around the McDonald's in Singapore. There may have been many other designs since then but these astronaut hello kitties left the deepest impression.

For a walk down memory lane, this is an interesting exhibition which highlights tidbits of information relating to Singapore in an easy to understand fashion. 


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