Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cafe Melba

Whenever I pass by Cafe Melba, the area outside is always filled with children bouncing on bouncy castles. However, due to the haze, everybody decided that it was better to move in and enjoy the air-conditioning instead. 

No doubt, this place is very child-friendly. Grass for children to run, bouncy castles, colouring pencils and drawing material for children to occupy themselves while their parents enjoy a few moments of peace. Couple that with a kids menu. 

I ordered a Half and Half - Forest Mushrooms and Roasted Duck. The first time I had roasted duck pizza was at Timbre and I fell in love with this combination ever since. They were generous with the ingredients. The combination of shiitake, swiss brown, oyster mushrooms and yes, truffle oil, lent a earthy taste to this pizza with a whiff of the truffle oil with every bite. The roasted duck pizza was decent as well.

The rest in the group ordered different breakfast items found these rather ordinary. Service here was nothing to shout about, with one of them being particularly rude.

Cafe Melba 
90 Goodman Road
Goodman Arts Centre
Block N #01-56 


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