Thursday, August 17, 2017


Lunch at Mezza9 is always a welcome affair, especially when you manage to get your hand on some card which allows you to get 50% off the bill!  

I always remembered the bread here, not so much for the bread per se, but because of the tangy tomato sauce which companies the bread.  

Their prices have increased since the last time I dined at Mezza9. A 2 course menu which used to be $29++ now costs $32 ++. The 3 course set lunch is priced at $42++.

Their menus change periodically and I did not find items that particularly appealed to me this round. I initially wanted to try the Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes. The waiter told me, "Just to let you know, the picture shows that there are two crab cakes but actually we will only be serving one." Then isn't there something wrong with their menu - first, the picture shows 2 crab cakes, then the name of the dish itself is plural!

Because I felt a little shortchanged, I ordered the Spencer Gulf Wild King Prawn Cocktail. Although the name of the dish sounded fancy, the prawns tasted like frozen prawns which had little texture to it.

The Gai Yang fared so much better. The chicken was grilled and marinated with honey and tamarind. There was a choice of three sauces, so you could decide which you wanted to dip your chicken into. A rather big piece of chicken was served and I enjoyed the smoky taste of the tender chicken.

After finishing the 2 course set meal with a cup of cappuccino, we decided to order a mango tart with coconut shards. The mango was sweet and the there was a mixture of a slightly creamy and "cakey" mixture on the tart, making this a refreshing dessert.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
10 Scotts Road
Tel No: 6732 1234 


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