Tuesday, November 29, 2011

十号胡同 Lot 10 (Kuala Lumpur)

To continue on my blog post spree, this is the last for today. There's a limit to how much you can write in a day and I feel like the capacity is reaching soon.

We went to 十号胡同 at Lot 10. It's a food court, with apparently the best food in KL (the branches) congregated here. 

We ordered a few plates to share so that we would know whether they really lived up to their name. We ordered a bowl of pork ribs noodles. The noodles are from 何禁记. Now, I'm not really sure whether it was called 何禁记 because when I tried googling it, Google churned out a list of unrelated stuff. In any case, the noodles was a little salty although they were springy. The pork ribs were quite good- not too dry and tender.

The bak kut teh was pretty ridiculous. It was 17 Ringgit for this small bowl of bak kut teh which wasn't bak kut to begin with. It was more like the pork belly. Plus the soup wasn't fragrant and you couldn't really taste the pepper so commonly associated with bak kut teh. For 17 Ringgit, this is totally not worth it.

There was also the very famous Malaysian Hokkien mee. I prefer the ones at Singapore better. It tastes like there's a lot of sauce dumped onto it, and is rather dry. It's interesting to try another take on the Hokkien Mee, but at the same time, this got a little boring after a while. It has plenty of the charred taste though, so if you like it fried this way, you should have a try.

The star find of the day was this meatball noodles, where the meatballs are flat and not shaped in balls. The meatballs are really chewy and taste great. The soup is not oily and it feels like a good stomach cleanser after all that oil laden food above. It was flavourful as well. (hopefully not due to excessive MSG)

The "ambassador" of this place is 蔡澜 who is a very famous food critic. Well, if he says this place is good, it must be good right? I beg to differ. Sometimes when a shop expands too much, the quality fluctuates. If there is no quality control, what you eat from one store differs from how it's supposed to taste.

Nonetheless, this is a good place for foreigners to go because it houses all the famous Malaysian dishes under one roof. Furthermore, you can't go too wrong with these dishes, even if they lack a particular something which may only be found from their original stores.

Lot 10
Kuala Lumpur


hi, bumped into your posts and have been reading many of them recently. Interesting blog.
Just wanna share that the KL type of bak kut teh is not the peppery type.
It is the strong herbal taste type.
That is why you cannot taste the pepper at all.
When I first came to Singapore, I was also surprised to find that the bak kut teh here is the peppery type.
I heard sometime ago that the peppery type is of Teochew origin, but I'm not very sure.
But, I am guessing that the one you tried at Lot 10 doesn't have both, huh.
And RM17 is quite pricey for a bak kut teh...but then, it is in a mall...i can't blame them.
Yeah, i think for locals like me, I won't go to Lot 10 for that.

The flat meatball(haha, not ball anymore) that you tried here is very common in KL. Most pork noodle stalls will have them. I like them with dried noodles at Imbi.

Hello there! Thanks for dropping by and I appreciate your comments! =) It's really nice when someone tells me more about the food in their home country, makes understanding food a lot more fun! I have read your comments on the other posts as well, and will keep your remarks in mind, one day if I go back to KL again! (by the way, I see that your blog is new- let me know when you start writing!)

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