Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Madam Kwan's (Kuala Lumpur)

So we went on a weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur. We haven't really been there to explore despite just staying next door. But this is probably because driving anywhere in Singapore in more than one hour is probably something alarming, something worth posting on facebook. Driving from Singapore to Malaysia in 7 hours seems like a bit of a chore. So we flew there via JetStar and reached in an hour. 

One of the places that everybody seemed to have recommended is Madam Kwan's. You can see Madam Kwan's in the major shopping centres (including Pavilion and Mid Valley), but we had lunch at the branch located at Suria KLCC. You would see Miss Kwan's a few steps away. The waiters said that Miss Kwan was set up by the son-in-law of Madam Kwan. The difference? It's self service and therefore cheaper. 

We had lunch slightly early at 11 something, so there wasn't much of a crowd. But the crowd started streaming in slowly.

Okay, now more about the food. We ordered the nasi lemak which is apparently the best in KL (or is it Malaysia). The price was steep at 17 Ringgit a plate. That's around $6.80 a plate of nasi lemak. For that, you can buy two plates of nasi lemak in Singapore. But then again, considering how you can pay more than $15 for a plate of chicken rice in Singapore at some hotels, maybe it isn't that expensive afterall. 

The nasi lemak was served with curry chicken, not what I would typically order. (DEEP FRIED CHICKEN?? YUM YUM) Nonetheless, I still enjoy curry chicken. The rice was fragrant and moist. But I prefer my nasi lemak rice not to be so moist to border on the edge of being a little too sticky. As for the sambal ikan billis, there was a tinge of lime which accompanied the spice really well. Coupled with the curry chicken (which was really meaty), it could almost be a winning combination. The saltiness and crunchiness of the floss also adds to the overall enjoyment of the plate of nasi lemak. 

Alas, for the price of 17 ringgit, I think trying it once is enough. You don't really see locals in this restaurant- I bet they have their own sources of good nasi lemak which they have stowed away from foreigners' eyes. 

Nonetheless, if you haven't eaten nasi lemak before, or if you would like to succumb to the hype of Madam Kwan's and don't mind paying more, then by all means make a trip here because the nasi lemak is pretty good. But some eavesdropping attempts (unintentional- I can't help it if you want to talk so loudly) tell me that the standards have fallen over the years.

As a parting shot, this is Madam Kwan and her plate of nasi lemak.

Madam Kwan's 
Suria KLCC
Fourth Level
Lot 420/421
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  


yeah, you heard right, the standards have fallen a bit in recent years. though, not by much.
we like to go to madam kwan's for our dose of nasi lemak whenever we go back to KL.
I think it is quite popular with the locals. But true, it is much more expensive than the normal nasi lemak price in KL. I usually get my giant pack of nasi lemak for about RM5+- at the local makcik stall.
But i will stll pay RM17+ for madam kwan's coz it is the familiar old taste that we have since childhood from the famous Sakura Restaurant in Imbi.
Oh, if you ever go back again, try their Curry Laksa....i am salivating now just writing about the curry laksa.....ask for extra mints. but beware, if you are not the coconut milk type, don't try it. The Nasi Bojari is another favourite among locals.

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