Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Restoran Hakka 客家饭店 (Kuala Lumpur)

As our last meal in KL, we decided to go to the Hakka Restaurant to try... what else? Hakka food! Let me set out something first- I didn't think this place was fantastic even though the reviews made it sound like there's nothing on earth that can compare to it. I think this is because the food ordered by other reviewers were typical Malaysian Chinese food like sambal kangkong or crab and the likes, and not true Hakka food. So my review stands in relation to Hakka food only and not in relation to the rest of the Chinese food offered. To know what Hakka cuisine entails, click on this link

Because we don't really eat Hakka food in Singapore, we decided to order only Hakka food. 

This is 梅菜扣肉 which is thick slices of pork belly with mustard green, cooked with soy sauce and sugar. The marinate was pretty good and the mustard green was salty and a good pairing with rice. I guess this is enough for my dinner. But note, there's PLENTY of fats, enough for the fats to swim in your body a 400m lap. I removed all the fats and ate the meat only. If this isn't your form of food enjoyment, by all means, eat up all the fats. Just remember the swimming process!

We also ordered a 豆腐羹 which is basically like toufu with lots of minced meat. Nothing interesting.

This is the 盐焗 鸡 which according to Wikipedia was originally baked in a heap of sea salt but nowadays cooked in a brine. It wasn't too salty and the texture was smooth.

This is 算盘子 which I think happens to be the epitome of Hakka food. It's made of tapioca/yam and made into the shape of abacus beads. It is soft on the outside and chewy in the inside. I don't eat this but my mum does. Her verdict about it? There are better ones around.

In all, I didn't really like this place much. For one, I really don't like the service here. For this, I probably differ from a lot of other reviewers where they enjoyed good service. Nobody bothered about us when we started walking into this place. The lady captain (I suppose) looked as we walked closer and closer to the air-con room and didn't say a word. And suddenly she finally said, "You all have to sit outside". Fine, I'll sit outside, along with all that smoking in the open air. I appreciate you killing my lungs.

They weren't very friendly overall. Food wise, not the best around I think- at least for Hakka food. For this, we paid around 120 Ringgit (around $48). Would probably be better eating some other thing! Oh and try to refuse the wet towels they give you after the meal if your hands are not dirty- they charge for it without telling you. Also, if you don't eat the nuts, return it to them! All the deceptive charging policies- Don't get tricked!

Restoran Hakka 客家饭店
90 Jalan Rajah Chulan
Kuala Lumpur


oooo....u went to restoran hakka....hmm, bad food, huh! i agree !
i dunno what happened to them but the food was.....bad.
i remember it used to be a good restaurant....but in the few times that i went in the recent few years, i was quite disappointed in their food.
You can try other restaurant such as Ying Ker Lou for their drunken chicken & lui cha. very tasty. Don't order their abacus, though....quite bland. I like their tofu with some crispy stuff on top, too. I went to the one in The Gardens.

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