Friday, March 29, 2013

The Rotisserie

I always try to indulge in some good food on Fridays since it's nice to reward yourself for a week of hard work, instead of having the usual packed food from the nearest food court for dinner. Since tomorrow is a public holiday, my self-imposed rule got shifted to Thursday night instead. I decided to go to The Rotisserie today, after my friends introduced me to this part of CBD which I never knew existed. 

It was initially quite confusing how I should place my order. I ordered a Quarter Roasted Chicken ($11.50) which gave me the choice of Hot Chips/Vegetables/Salad. Vegetables and salad sounded pretty much the same to me. So I had to ask the cashier what they were. She pointed to another counter and helpfully stated that if I changed my mind, I could just tell the lady at the counter that I wanted the other option instead. It would have been so much better if they had just put a board saying what the sides were though!

I'm very picky about roasted chicken. It can't be dry, it can't be bloody. This was neither- it was tender yet cooked well! I chose vegetables. This came with mashed potato, corn and cauliflower. Pretty standard.

I also had the Lemon Drizzle Cake ($4). It reminded me so much of the afternoons I used to sit on the couch watching Ina Garten from Food Network cook or bake using the ingredients from her garden. The homely feel of the food was contained within this cake. So deceptively simple yet so delicious. The thing I really liked about the cake was that it was not too sweet. You were also given the choice of how much to drizzle over the cake- or for that matter, whether to drizzle or not. The syrupy thing was sour and sweet, and it's the kind of combination with the cake that makes you think, "My life is simple, but it sure is good."

Very decent prices considering that it's in the CBD area. Definitely putting it on my list of places to revisit!

The Rotisserie 
China Square Food Centre
51 Telok Ayer Street
Tel No: 6 224 5486 


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