Saturday, April 27, 2013


As the saying goes, there's always space in a girl's stomach for some desserts. Canele is one of the places that is always crowded. The macarons are always a pretty sight, but maracons are not my kind of thing- my dessert preference is kind of like me- mostly bitter or sour, unless you catch me on a good day. 

I always enjoy reading interesting descriptions of desserts- here's the description for the Le Citron (Lemon Tart) ($6.07): Zesty baked lemon curd, gently laid on a bed of almond perfumed crumble. The lemon curd possesses the power to wake anyone up- sour and yet somewhat neutralised by the sweetness. A layer of jelly-like glaze also added some texture to the dessert. I would have preferred a different tart to curd ratio though- there simply isn't enough tart!

And the description for the Le Chocolat Croustillant (Crispy Chocolate Cake) ($7.48) goes: A whimsical chocolate indulgence, using luscious Vanini chocolate mousse layered between a crispy chocolate praline & opulent Gianduja cream, surrounded by a wall of divine dark chocolate glaze & crushed hazelnuts.

I have a secret liking for chocolate cakes with a crispy base- Four Leaves sells this at a very affordable price- Coco Exotic. Salt is always a secret weapon in every pastry chef's armoury. Slightly bitter and slightly sweet, the salt always manages to give a slight kick to the cake. Given how much I like the crispy base, need I say anything more else about the crispy chocolate praline?

Desserts are not bad. Service was average- waitress didn't care that we didn't have water, but that's fine.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Tel No: 6334 7377 


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