Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cafe Mosaic

I had taken a long hiatus from this buffet eating business because eating at buffets makes me waste half my life away- it's one of the most time-consuming activities ever! One day, gluttony triumphed and we went to Carlton Hotel to try the buffet at Cafe Mosaic. It was $45++ for lunch. 

I only ate the prawns from the seafood section. While they weren't exceptionally fresh, they were passable. 

The sushi station was pretty standard.

Here's something I didn't expect to see at a buffet. How often do you see Soft Shell Crabs? I love deep fried soft shell crabs! A pity though, one thing that Cafe Mosaic doesn't do very well, is to keep their food warm. Same applies for the Chinese food section. The first time I took the soft shell crab, it was bordering on being room temperature. A fresh batch of deep fried soft shell crab came shortly after. 

For the Rojak section, they provided a toaster by the side which most buffets don't provide. So it's actually possible to make a plate of cripsy fritters! I also liked the fact that the jambu was very sweet! 

The Laksa was pretty good- fragrant and thick gravy with prawns and fishcake. 

I tried the Chocolate Brownie which was intense and full of chocolately goodness.

The cakes here were so insanely beautiful that it would take a person with a cruel heart, like me, to take the first stab at the cakes.

This Orange Mousse Cake was sour and sweet at the same time. It was like eating a whole packet of Starburst!

The Black Forest Cake was definitely the star of the show. Stuffed with dark chocolate, big pieces of cherries within the cake, layers of spongy cake with a hint of alcohol. This had to be the best Black Forest Cake I have ever eaten.

Food here is slightly above average and the planning of the space was clearly well thought out since I never had to join a queue. Service was exceptional as well, with friendly service staff clearing the plates and refilling your cups without having to request them to do so. Nice experience overall.

Cafe Mosaic 
Carlton Hotel
76 Bras Basah Road 


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