Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mariners' Corner

Mariners' Corner is the sister outlet of Vines which used to be at Novena Ville before it closed down. It is a Western-style Hainanese eatery and has been around since 1984. 

The interior of the restaurant was interesting, just like its sister restaurant. The furnishing here feels like you're on a ship and the music playing is a medley of evergreen favourites.

During weekend lunch, our set meal included salad, soup, main course, coffee/tea and a cake. There was free-flow of salad which you could get from the salad bar. This is definitely the worst salad I have ever tried. The croutons were soft and cold and the variety of ingredients all looked like they came straight out of cans.

The fish chowder wasn't much better than the salad.

The garlic bread saved the day a little because it was toasted and crispy, together with some buttery goodness spread on the bread.

I ordered Breaded Fish & Chips ($14.80 for set). Their main course is always pretty decent. A rather large portion of fish, complete with lots of chips.

I can't remember the name of the cake but it doesn't taste as bad as it looks. Honestly, the cake looks utterly unappetising. But the cake itself is not too sweet with a sweet and sour raspberry sauce to accompany it.

Salad bar and soup was a disaster. But this place is pretty value for money, considering that the main course is pretty decent, and if you want to soak yourself in a old-feel kind of ambience. Service was very friendly as well.

Mariners' Corner Restaurant
Maritime House
120 Cantonment Road
Tel: 6 224 9928 


Wow! That's probably the biggest fish and chips I've seen!

haha yes it's quite a generous portion and it was quite good too!

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