Sunday, October 20, 2013


I am a list kind of person. I love reading lists and compiling lists. Anytime you have a Top (insert number) (type of food) in Singapore in a magazine or newspapers, I'm bound to read it. Located at the basement of Katong 112, I had always walked past this place but never entered because the prices of the cakes were on the high side. 

Nonetheless, I finally got to try the Noisette ($7.50) which was in the 2008 Straits Times list of Top 50 Yummiest Cakes. The chocolate mousse was bittersweet, exactly how life feels like sometimes. I shun all kinds of chocolates that only have a sweet edge to it. The crunch praline feuilletine is always a welcome addition to chocolate cakes- who doesn't like the crunch? Together with the chunky hazelnuts, this dessert was beautifully executed.

Service was pleasant, Noisette was good, just a bit too steeply priced in my opinion. Human traffic was pretty sparse for a weekend afternoon, so don't worry about crowds.

112 Katong
112 East Coast Road
Tel No: 6 636 1073 


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