Saturday, August 30, 2014

Medan Town

On its website, Medan Town describes itself as a "quaint 50-seater restaurant". Not sure what's so quaint about this place. It's simply a no-frills restaurant with good food. The owners of these restaurant are from Medan. 

As starters, we ordered the Tahu Goreng ($4.50). This is the first time I'm having crackers on top of tahu goreng. An addictive appetiser, the crunchy peanuts, beansprouts and the fried tofu rested on a bed of sweet and spicy sauce.

I had the Kwetiauw Bebek Dry ($6.80). Duck is a difficult meat to handle- cook it for too long and it becomes very dry. This slow-cooked duck easily shredded and was a very comforting dish with the springy kwetiauw and the duck herbal soup. I am not usually a fan of herbal soups because the taste can be rather overwhelming. I ordered it dry so that I could decide how much soup to add to the noodles. Surprisingly, the soup was light with just a mild herbal taste.

If you are looking for cheap and good food in the East, this is for you!

Medan Town 
253 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel No: 6348 9227 


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