Sunday, August 10, 2014

Spuds & Aprons

The last time we went to Mount Faber, we tried the desserts at Spuds & Aprons which were rather disappointing. This time, we decided to try the mains instead. 

Years back, there was still a bus service going up to Mount Faber. However, we realised that the bus service was no longer in operation and being the kiam siap people we were, we walked up instead. 

We ordered a Chilli Crab in a Tux ($13). Top marks for novelty. The spice of the chilli doesn't hit right in your face initially. But as you progress into the meal, the spice starts to become more pronounced. The potato skin was also crispy and was a perfect combination with the chilli crab. Bonus points for not having to dirty your hands!

The Tobiko Crusted Cod Fillet ($30) is a good choice for those seeking a healthier option. I have never been a fan of cod because of its fishy taste. However, that fishy taste was muted in this dish, with the cod topped with tobiko and mentaiko sauce. This came with green tea soba noodles soaked in aged ponzu sauce with fermented yuzu. I couldn't taste the yuzu in the sauce and while the combination was refreshing at the start, it started to get a little boring as the meal progressed.

Great location to look at beautiful Singapore scenery at night. Service was friendly although the food took ages to come.

Spuds & Aprons
Faber Peak
109 Mount Faber Road


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