Saturday, August 23, 2014

National Orchid Garden

I last visited National Orchid Garden in 2011 (click here for blog entry). Classes had just ended then and I thought it will be nice to take a walk in the orchid garden. 3 years down the road, I am back again. 

Botanic Gardens is one of my favourite places in Singapore- it's not crowded, it's spacious, it's beautiful. 

No matter which part of the Orchid Garden you are in, there is an opportunity for good photographs and the explosion of colours will be a feast for your eyes.

The VIP Orchid Garden was styled as an English Backyard. Here, you will get to see the orchid hybrids of the Gardens' orchid programme. Many state visitors and VIPs have orchids named after them.

Besides this, there are also attractions such as the Tan Hoon Siang Mist House, the Cool House etc. The Cool House is meant to look like a tropical forest where there is cool air and mist. To imagine what the Cool House is like, it is something like the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay, but many times smaller.

One of my favourite orchids is the Golden Shower or the Dancing Lady Orchid. If you look closely at the orchid, it looks like a lady in a ballroom dress dancing.

Here are some of the photographs of the orchids that we saw in the garden.

Japan has beautiful lavender farms, the Netherlands has beautiful tulip farms. and Singapore has a beautiful orchid garden! At an inexpensive price of $5, you could probably spend 2 hours in there just enjoying the wonders of nature. Word of caution though- sunblock, cap and water are essential! 


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