Sunday, May 24, 2015

Churros Factory

When we were in Seoul, we saw shops selling churros at every corner. While this snack has not invaded Singapore as quickly as the Korean bingsoos, it is getting more common to see shops selling churros.

Set up by former S-League star Jeremy Chiang, the shop was packed on a weekend evening.

We decided to get 3 churros ($4). Tasting like you tiao (deep fried dough fritters) with ridges, the churros coated in chocolate sauce and lightly sprinkled with cinnamon sugar were piping hot when served. Before the churros were served, I asked my friend to take 2 so that I consume less fats. In the end, I took 1.5 pieces because they were pretty addictive snacks.

It felt a little sinful to consume these churros because they are deep fried and drizzled with chocolate sauce- we washed down the guilt with some honey lemon tea from gong cha after that.

Churros Factory 
112 Katong Mall


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