Sunday, May 31, 2015

Herbal Oasis

We wanted to go to 49 Hands, only to realise that it was closed for lunch on a Saturday. We then decided to go to Herbal Oasis nearby. 

Herbal Oasis is situated above Renhai Clinic and the food served here is developed by TCM practitioners together with the chefs. There is a zen feel to this place, where soothing classical music plays softly in the background. Human traffic was low on weekend and you can take a break from the noisy world out there.

We got an Economy Express Meal ($9.90) which consists of a rice and soup. We got the yam rice and Qi Tonic Chicken Soup. The Qi Tonic Chicken Soup is supposed to be beneficial for the digestive system and suitable for growing youth. The yam rice was flavourful with chunks of yam in it. The herbal flavour in the soup was present but not overpowering and was light on the palette.

We also ordered a Walnut Brown Rice ($4) and Poached Spinach with Braised Mushrooms ($7). This is my first time trying Walnut Brown Rice- slightly sweet tinge to the rice with little chunks of walnuts and raisins added to the rice. After eating the rice, I felt so healthy- all the beneficial ingredients in this small little bowl! The bright coloured greens were also crunchy and they definitely didn't stinge on the mushrooms!

The meals here are simple and healthy, a break from the usual unhealthy food that we consume a lot nowadays.

Herbal Oasis 
27A Neil Road
Singapore 088817
Tel No: 6221 8798 


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