Sunday, November 8, 2015

5 Reasons Why I Love Uniqlo

If someone asked me, what would you ideal partner be?

I would answer, "the equivalent of a Uniqlo- simple, fuss-free and comfortable". 

I think that's the highest level of praise anyone can render to a brand and people who know me know how much I love Uniqlo. 

I once told a friend that my wardrobe was getting overtaken by Uniqlo. He looked at me with a skeptical look, "Seriously? But Uniqlo is just all about basics."

Yes, Uniqlo sells basics, but they are not just about basics. 

Here are 5 reasons why I love Uniqlo.

1) Good quality 

I have at least 30 pieces of Uniqlo in my wardrobe- basic tees, dresses, blouse, skirt, pants, jackets, shorts, socks, sweaters, tank tops etc. I have heard of someone who bought Uniqlo's cardigans in all their available colours. 

As you reach a certain age, you realise that comfort matters more than anything else.

Some of the dresses I bought have elastic and even after many washes, it does not become loose, unlike other dresses that I have bought before. 

The material of their clothes is also soft on the skin and even on a hot day, the material is breathable. 

The heat is more bearable when you are wearing Uniqlo.

The cold is also more bearable when you are wearing Uniqlo. 

2) Variety 

My first purchase from Uniqlo was their basic tee and I never looked back since. When I can't be bothered to think of what to wear to go out I just grab one of the basic tees in my wardrobe- they sure beat one of our old school t-shirts. Equally comfortable but slightly more presentable. 

Photo Credit: Uniqlo

When I want to wear a dress, I just throw on one of the dresses with stretchy material- so fuss free, and simple. 
Photo Credit: Uniqlo
I have also started to invade my boyfriend's cupboard with Uniqlo basic tees, chino shorts, and slim fit shirts. And he is becoming a Uniqlo convert too. (No, that's not a picture of my boyfriend below.)

Photo Credit: Uniqlo

Really, there's no substitute for good quality and comfort. 

3) Inexpensive 

One reason why I keep coming back to Uniqlo again and again, is because their clothes are relatively inexpensive. How often is it can you get a decent basic tee below $10, a skirt or a dress below $20? Wait for their sales and they will save you a tidy sum as well. 

I must have spent a small fortune at Uniqlo, but it doesn't matter because it is truly value for money. 

4) Caters to everyone

I am not the only fan of Uniqlo. Even my 2 year old niece asks if she can wear that set of clothes that she bought from Uniqlo. My mum also shops for her blouses and shorts from Uniqlo, and every weekend like me, she walks around parading her purchases from Uniqlo. 
Photo Credit: Uniqlo
5) Heattech 

I think this needs no introduction. Everybody who has ever gone to a cold country has sworn by Uniqlo's heattech. 

How it apparently works is that it creates heat using the moisture from your body. The air pockets between the fibres then retain both body warm and warmth generated by heattech's moisture absorption. 


This wasn't even written to enter into some Uniqlo competition. 

But I never fail to be amazed how Uniqlo's clothes are comfortable, inexpensive and fitting. 

Thank you Uniqlo, for making it possible to be everything at the same time. 


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