Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chrisostomos (Chania)

When we asked our Airbnb host for food recommendations, without batting an eyelid, he recommended Chrisotomos. Although he said that it has one of the best food around, he also said that its view is one of the worst. By that, he meant that the restaurant was facing a car park, unlike many of the restaurants which were facing the sea. The crowds filled up pretty quickly. 

We were first served some delicious and piping hot home made bread.

As I had a late and heavy lunch, I decided to order the Green Salad with Mushrooms (9.50 Euros), which consisted of lettuce, spinach, rocket, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, pine nuts with sweet and sour dressing with honey and vinegar.

The salad was huge, felt light and had a very appetising dressing. I enjoyed this because it had plenty of my favourite ingredient- mushrooms!

The specialties at Chrisotomos are the meat dishes, in particular, lamb.

The waiters served complimentary loukoumades. They are bite sized, very addictive, a cross between a donut and a you tiao (dough fritter) because of its crispiness. Some sweet syrup is then drizzled over these little jewels with sesame seeds sprinkled to give each bite some crunch. What a nice way to round off the meal!

Service was warm and friendly.

Deukalionos & Ikarou Str
Anatoliki Tafros
Chania, Crete


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