Saturday, September 3, 2016

Uncle Chua Ice Cream

Recently, there was a mini hoo-ha in the internet sphere when a Buzzfeed editor included the ice cream bread that Singaporeans love as  one of the "21 of the Absolute Worst Sandwiches that have Ever Happened".

His article was blasted and he later edited the article, with an apology, "So it appears that an item originally in this post at #7 (an ice-cream sandwich) is in fact a Singaporean delicacy. In which case, I'm sure it's delicious! A version with English bread and ice cream would not be nice. Sorry for the mistake in including it." Nice try.

I loved the response by Your Singapore- so passive aggressive!

These ice cream bread- $1 but offer so much comfort.

For my wedding, I was deciding between having an ice cream man or yoghurt and decided with the former.

I contacted Uncle Chua Ice Cream and he responded very quickly.

They were prompt in responding, punctual, efficient and friendly. The ice-cream, needless to say, was cheap and delicious! Many guests also remarked about how they enjoyed the ice cream bread. Instead of having a fancy dessert table, how about an ice cream man at your next event?

Uncle Chua Ice Cream
Telephone No: 9108 4203 



May I know what was the charges like? Thanks!

Hello. He charged a dollar for each ice cream, minimum order 200 + transport fees. You may want to drop him a text- they respond promptly.

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