Monday, September 19, 2016

Tempura Kohaku

I seldom spend more than 15 minutes queueing for food because there are so many food places to go, why waste your time queuing? 

I have been waiting for the queues at Tendon Ginza Itsuki to die down. But nope, it never did. No matter what time of the day it was, there would always be a queue stretching down the little alley.

If I am going to wait, I might as well wait in an air-conditioned place. So, one Sunday night, we decided to go to Tempura Kohaku

Despite my husband's plea at the 10-minute mark, "How about if we still don't get in within 15 minutes, we go somewhere else?" "No."

After half an hour or so, we were finally in.

You could choose between the Tendon or the Set Tendon. The Set Tendon is basically Tendon, udon and Tsukemono. The types of Tendon include Kohaku Tendon (vegetables, chicken, prawn and other seafood), Vegetables Tendon, Kohaku Tendon Spicy Flavour and Vegetables Tendon Spicy Flavour.

I got the Kohaku Tendon Spicy Flavour ($15). When we saw the amount of ingredients heaped on the bowl, we knew that this meal was definitely value for money. The rice is imported from Hokkaido- every grain so plump and delicious.

The batter was not oily and coated with a spicy sweet sauce. It got a bit numbing by the end of the meal, such that all I tasted was the spice. The ingredients included prawns, chicken breast, crabstick, calamari, mushroom, french bean, maize and pumpkin. Each item was fresh although I found the chicken breast a tad try.

Although the food is value for money and is pretty good, this meal was definitely artery clogging. I think coming here once is enough (bearing in mind the queue as well).

Tempura Kohaku
Suntec City Mall Tower 1
Eat At Seven
3 Temasek Boulevard
Tel: 6333 4386 


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