Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Vintgar Gorge (Slovenia)

We were checking the weather forecast everyday and were hoping for good weather in Slovenia since the weather in Europe has been pretty volatile. 

We were lucky and enjoyed good weather at Vintgar Gorge. The ravine is located approximately 4 km north-west of Bled. 

These beautiful wildflowers welcomed us at the entrance. Entrance fee is 5 Euros per person. 

The gorge is 1.6 km long. What is the origin of this name? One interpretation is that it originated from the German Weingarten (vineyards) while another interpretation says that the gorge reminds one of a wine glass.

With the turquoise and crystal clear waters, it was difficult not to make comparisons with the Plitvice Lakes. If you are energetic, Plitvice is definitely a better option because it has more floral and fauna and offers views from all angles. That is not to say that Vintgar Gorge is not worth going. It is great for a short and easy walk.

A boardwalk has been constructed around the gorge and even if there are steps, there are not that many. For the adventurous ones, they can always veer off the path slightly and walk down the rocks where they will be closer to the water.

The walk takes around 1h-1h 30 min to and fro, depending on how many photographs you want to take of this picturesque gorge. This is good for a half day trip.


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