Saturday, December 14, 2013

Plitvice Lakes (Croatia)

Yesterday, I saw a post on 15 Charming Small Towns you need to visit in Italy. Then, wanderlust set in. Hopefully this post will similarly ignite your desire to visit the Plitvice Lakes!

I spent a full day in July at the Plitvice Lakes and its magnificence is unrivalled.

1. What to do

Your sole responsibility at Plitvice Lakes is to take in all the sights- the lakes, caves and waterfalls.

Entrance fees are 110KN for one day (adults).

There are several walking trails and the trails are marked very clearly so you won't get lost. Choose your trail depending on how long you would like to walk. For example, Trail A (2-3 hours) is at the lower parts of the national park. Trail K (the one we did) takes around 6-8 hours and you get to walk around the entire national park. If you are healthy and up for it, I recommend Trail K. A bit of hiking to do, but I promise it will be all worth it (always in hindsight).

The weather in July was perfect- cooling for a long walk.

Lots of flora and fauna, something to marvel at with every step.

The advantage of taking the longer trail (minus burning fats) is that the scenery from up there is amazing.

Carry some food to have a picnic here.

2. How to get there

Buses from Zagreb, Zadar or Split will get you there. We caught a bus from Zadar and took a bus to Zagreb. Timetable here. Timetables are posted at the stations, so keep a lookout for it.

3. Where to stay

There are three hotels which are located within the park itself. However, I highly recommend Villa Lika.

4. What to eat 

Food options were pretty limited in the area. We tried some food at a ski resort nearby but it was nothing to shout about.


If you love nature or are a photography buff or just want to have a chill time, Croatia is the place for you! 


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