Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ferringhi Coffee Garden (Penang)

Having brunch in the midst of greenery is always an enjoyable experience. 

We read reviews online saying that it's often crowded. However, when we were there, there was plenty of space- go there early before the lunch crowd streams in!

We headed straight for the comfort of air-con because the heat outside was unbearable.

I ordered the "FCG Breakkie" (RM 25.80) which got served on a really big plate. This kept me full for quite a while. Standard brunch food, although what was more special was the sweet glaze on the ham. The chicken sausage was also something new- as opposed to the normal sausages where the texture is uniform within, this sausage tasted more like minced meat put together.

A nice place to spend your morning/afternoon.

Ferringhi Coffee Garden
43-D Batu Ferringhi


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