Saturday, December 28, 2013

China House (Penang)

If you are in Georgetown, you may want to drop by China House for some cakes although honestly, their cakes aren't that fantastic- the cafe has a very cosy ambience though. 

ChinaHouse consists of 3 heritage buildings linked by an open air courtyard. It contains 14 spaces with shops, cafes, galleries etc.

Who can resist a table lined with different cakes? A feast for the eyes!

The Tiramisu (RM 15) was a giganormous piece. It was interesting that there was a layer of nuts, unlike a typical tiramisu. The coffee liquor taste was quite strong and while the cake was tasty, it bordered on being gelat after a while.

I was next to another customer who was asking one of the waitresses which cakes are the more popular ones. The waitress said the Chocolate Pistachio (RM 10) was very popular. Now, if being popular means that it's good, I beg to differ. This cake was too dry and the richness of the chocolate was muted.

A place where youngsters hang out. Service was a mixture of goods and bads. Child-friendly with crayons and white paper to draw on.

China House
153 and 155, Lebuh Pantai
George Town


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