Saturday, December 14, 2013

5 Reasons why I like Christmas

1. Festive decorations 
I love it when I walk down the streets and am greeted by christmas trees adorned with quirky ornaments, the splashes of colour and how all these make each step taken a little lighter.

2. Season of giving
I know Christmas is a very commercialised season. But it also gives us the perfect opportunity to write cards, think of thoughtful gifts for our family and friends, thus concluding the year on a good note. We also don't forget those who need a little Christmas cheer. While giving can happen any time of the year, we often get too caught up with the mundanes with life. So, spread some love to everyone this season!

3. Memories
Christmas always invokes a lot of good memories. All the time spent with loved ones, the aroma of food at these gatherings and the suspense when tearing away the gift wrappers etc. I have never really fancied turkeys though.

(credit: someecards)

4. Weather
The weather in December near Christmas is generally cool. Finally, a respite from the sweltering heat for the rest of the year.

5. Christmas songs
Ah this is one part that even a grinch can't resist! Here are some of my favourites.


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