Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Plant Story

I requested for a DIY terrarium kit for my birthday this year. As my husband was of the view that it will be easier for us to attend the workshop with people guiding us through the process, I ended up selecting a workshop at The Plant Story

The Plant Story has its own peaceful little corner, complete with greenery. 

It felt tranquil and for that afternoon, it was as though we stepped into a separate world, one where we were not required to keep up with the quick pace of the corporate world.

We chose the Miniature Garden Workshop ($80 per person). Another couple also attended the workshop. While the course technically lasts for an hour, we were given all the time we required to complete our terrariums.

Our instructor gave us an introduction on the various types of terrariums, including the rainforest garden, desert garden, air garden and water garden. She also told us what kind of care each garden requires- this is very important because I learnt that the water garden requires quite a bit of maintenance, something that I was not prepared for.

After going through an introduction on the types of gardens, the instructor also explained how to build your own garden and the ideal environment for different plants to thrive in.

Thereafter, it was hands on time! We first decided what kind of jars, gardens and plants we wanted. I chose the air garden while my husband chose the rainforest garden. If you choose the air garden, you would be done in no time because the air plant does not even require any soil, which means that your only responsibility is really to decorate the jar, without having to care about issues of drainage etc.

We had a few types of sand, gravel and pebbles to choose from. The instructor was also very helpful and would be ready to assist with any queries you may have. Other than that, your only restriction is your creativity. If you wish to add some decoration to your terrariums, you may choose from the selection below, and add an additional $5 per figurine. They were all so cute, I knew that I would end up getting one!

This is my final product! It's not Christmas but who said you can't have a snowman in your terrarium?

If you are craving some food after the fun terrarium workshop, you may want to order some food at the Garden Cafe.

After the workshop, we put the jars back into their original packaging and brought them home. I was in an extremely good mood that night because I felt that I had put my time to good use and had a restful afternoon after soaking in all that green energy. While $80 may seem a little pricey, for that crash course on how to build your own gardens and having easy access to materials, it did seem worth it afterall.

The Plant Story
Passion WaVe at Marina Bay
11 Rhu Cross
Singapore 437440 


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