Monday, April 23, 2018

Blue Sky Bay B&B 蓝天水湾 (Taiwan)

Many tourists choose to do a day trip to Sun Moon Lake. However, as we wanted to throw in some cycling, we decided to spend a night at Blue Sky Bay B&B 蓝天水湾. Only one word can be used to describe this place- Exceptional. 

1) Location 

We took the Nantou Bus from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake. The bus dropped us off at a bus stop around a 7-10 minutes walk away from the B&B. We initially walked past the B&B without knowing as it was a rather skinny building. The location is great- next to a convenience store and within 3-5 minutes walk to eateries. There was a bicycle shop next to the B&B and a whole lot of other bicycle shops within a 4 minutes walk. The Shui She Pier was also around a 5 minutes walk. In other words, this was a perfect location. 

2) Room 

My husband is usually not picky (and typically has no comments) when it comes to accommodation. However, when it came to Blue Sky Bay B&B, he said "Wow, this is the best B&B I have ever stayed at".

The bed was extremely comfortable, the room was stylish, clean and spacious. There were also plenty of channels on the TV. The only minor inconvenience was that our room was on the 7th floor and the lift only served rooms up to the 6th floor. As a result, we had to climb up a flight of stairs. That said, it is a very minor issue which we didn't mind.

The basin was located not in the toilet but in the room itself. Some may be concerned with water splash but it was alright because the floor at the basin area was a different material from the floor at the sleeping area.

3) Toilet 

I get excited every time I see that the shower is Grohe brand- it shows that the accommodation emphasises quality furnishing. I have never encountered a bad accommodation which uses Grohe. The water pressure was strong and the heat consistent.

4) Breakfast

After a 2 hour cycling trip, we came back to the B&B famished. We were happy to see that there was quite a bit of food for breakfast. There were both a small selection of continental breakfast (e.g. ham, cheese, hash browns, nuggets, toast and coffee) and Taiwanese / Chinese breakfast (e.g. tofu puffs, fried omelette with spring onions, soya bean milk). There were also fruits.

5) Service

The lady boss was happy to render her assistance when needed. The people at the reception counter were also ready with a smile. It sure doesn't hurt that there is always nice music playing in the reception area!

For around S$130 a night, this stay was worth every cent.

Blue Sky Bay B&B 蓝天水湾
No. 21 Zhongxing Road
Yuchi Township
Nantou County
Tel No.: 0919-805071, 049-2856815 


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