Saturday, October 15, 2011

Novus Restaurant & Bar

The lack of updates have been partly due to the amount of crap load I have on my hands now. But anyway, since it's Restaurant Week, it's about time to try some good food.

Novus is conveniently located in the National Museum, with a very cosy interior. I loved the effort put into the details of the decor of the restaurant- the black and white photographs, the mirrors, the lighting- perfect!

So, this was the three-course meal that I decided to get! Their attention to detail is impeccable. They would put these mini cards on your table so that you know the process that went into preparing the dish, as well as the ingredients.

A bread basket is served first. For me, as long as you serve bread that doesn't taste like overnight bread, with a soft and cushiony interior, I will give full marks for bread.

There was the mushroom soup, which had a dense mushroomy texture, but the picture looked a little too gross, so there, no pictures for mushroom soup.

This wasn't on the menu, but apparently is tuna with sea urchin plus a list of other things. Most importantly of all, wasabi. I do not like wasabi. Period.

This was the stuffed rolled organic chicken. I love mushrooms and this dish was a real treat for me because of the congregation of the mushrooms. However, I have to say that it was a little confusing how I should be eating this dish, plus the sauce was a little too salty. There were two pieces of chicken which was moist, apparently due to their i-do-not-know-what technology. I would have preferred mashed potatoes instead of aerated potato creme. Although I reckon that the aerated potato creme would have made the dish less dense, it didn't appear to perform that very function.

You should have seen my jaw drop when this came as dessert. Seriously, I'm supposed to swallow all of this alone? I mean, I'm a chocolate lover. But this amount of chocolate is enough to leave me in a sugar coma for quite some time.

Anyway, this was the Chocolate Test. And it's interesting how the chocolates play with your tastebuds. You're supposed to eat it from left to right, so that it gets increasingly bitter. The fun part (okay, not that fun) is that it alternates between warm, hot, cold and different textures. I'm sure lots of thought went into presenting the dessert this way.

You know how people say that the first and last always matter the most? These two, unfortunately, felt like a birthday cake full with whipped cream smashed into my face. The first had this weird taste which I have no clue what it is. And the last was dehydrated chocolate, which tasted like.. vacuum food for astronauts.

The in between were your usual chocolate suspects which was nothing out of the ordinary, but decent desserts.

Overall, $40++ is an okay deal for this restaurant week menu, although I probably wouldn't spend this kind of money on this kind of food again. Service was excellent, and they gave us each a cupcake which was in a little box, very much like the takeaway boxes in US.

93 Stamford Road, #01-02
National Museum of Singapore
Tel: +65 6336 8770


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