Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery)

I have always wanted to visit Wild Honey, but the thought of having to wait in the line endlessly (they didn't take reservations, the Scotts branch does) turns me off. To celebrate a good friend's birthday, we decided to meet early so that we didn't waste time in the queue. 

They had their menu on tablets at the counter. One lady tried to take the picture of the menu on the chalkboard and the girl at the counter said, "Sorry, no photos allowed." Not really sure what the rationale of not allowing her to take photos of the menu since the menu is already available online.

I had the Tunisian Breakfast ($19) which I really liked! Unlike your usual breakfast platters consisting of eggs, bacon and/or pancakes etc., Wild Honey totally nailed it for their innovative breakfast offerings. Piping hot and spicy pan of shakshouka together with Chorizo sausage with two fried eggs and brioche. The shakshouka was flavourful and was perfect with the fluffy brioche. It was like a treasure hunt trying to find the Chorizo sausage but really, anything doesn't matter as long as you have the heavenly combination of brioche and shakshouka.

Interesting breakfast choices, but be prepared to wait during peak hours!

Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery)
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Tel No.: 6 234 3900 


the Tunisian is also my favourite dish here! love love LOVE it. btw, if they tell u not to take pics of the menu the next time you're there, just tell them that their menu is already online! so illogical that they'll stop u from taking pics of the menu.

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