Sunday, May 26, 2013

Selfish Gene Cafe

Who wouldn't be intrigued by the name of this cafe? I always thought the owner was inspired by the book The Selfish Gene (which I tried reading but it was too heavy going) but it turns out that it's named as such because Gene, the owner, is selfish when it comes to food- he would not serve anyone food that he would not eat himself. 

A nice cosy place where strangely enough, crowds didn't congregate here on a weekend.

I got myself a Breakfast Plate ($15.80). As usual, this didn't manage to fill me up because I have a pretty big appetite. But the food was good. The scrambled eggs were runny, the sauteed mushrooms were moist and infused with a herby garlicky flavour, the tomato confit was sweet (very surprisingly), the honey baked ham was normal and the bread was warm and fluffy.

We also got the Chocolate Cake ($5.80). While it was decent, it wasn't that fantastic. In my mind, I still can't forget the insane Death by Chocolate cake at Riders Cafe.

And the famed Banana Cake ($5.80) is really something worth getting. The crumble beneath the bananas gave a nice twist to this homely moist cake. So did the lines of peanut butter sauce over the cake- not a fan of peanut butter, but it was subtle and provided a different edge to the cake. Definitely worth getting this cake!

Service was friendly as well. Worth a visit!

Selfish Gene Cafe
40 Craig Road
Tel No.: 6 423 1324 


is it still very crowded with wannabes? last i went, it had an awfully pretentious vibe.

haha there was no queue when i went on saturday at around 1 pm! i didn't find it pretentious, in fact found it quite cosy!

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