Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rabbit Hole

My mum's effort in reading Alice in Wonderland to me when I was a kid has gone to utter waste- I can't remember anything about the story except that a person named Alice existed. Plus there was a Rabbit Hole. That's about it.

I read a synopsis of the movie Rabbit Hole a while back but never got around to watching it. So when I read the glowing reviews on the production, I decided it was time to get myself out from the couch to watch this. 

Lifted from their website:
Becca (Janice Koh) and Howie (Adrian Pang) are struggling to recover from a shocking accident. Caught in a maze of memory, longing, guilt, blame, sarcasm and tightly controlled rage, Howie lashes out and desperately seeks solace in a counseling group; while Becca opens up to her opinionated mother (Lok Meng Chue) and brash sister (Seong Hui Xuan), and secretly reaches out to the teenager (Eden Ang) responsible for the accident that changed everything.
Credit: TodayOnline

Interlocked with humour and moments which portray raw human emotions, this production really shined through with the stellar performance of the cast.

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