Saturday, May 4, 2013


Finally got to try SPR MRKT last weekend after seeing how Bern from The Hungry Bunny repeatedly raves about the food here. Reservations are a must on weekends because we repeatedly saw how people didn't have seats because they didn't make any reservation. 

The theme behind this place is Food. Retail. Art. Food is easily explicable, how about Retail and Art? Little knick knacks like postcards are sold here and photographs/art are hung on the walls. The smell of toast envelopes this place which exudes a homely feel. Their menu changes on a daily basis so be sure to go to their website to check out the day's menu.

I got a Sausages & Mash ($16) which consists of two sausages made of korubuta pork, as well as fork mashed potato. To me, pork is pork. But I decided to check out what korubuta pork is and found out that it is "black hog" pork which comes from the Berkshire pig. Apparently, it's prized for its "juiciness, flavour and tenderness" (Wikipedia). Unfortunately, the sausages didn't really live up to expectations- they were pretty average. The sausages were a little too dry and tough. I wiped the delicious mashed potato clean though!

I also tried some of the Eggs Florentine ($14). To be honest, the portion is a little small compared to the ones I normally eat which come with an additional side like roasted potatoes etc. Nonetheless, the poached eggs and the toasted crumpets were done perfectly. That said, what's the difference between crumpets and English muffins? For those who are interested, here's what the intelligent internet tells me.

Food here is slightly above average. Atmosphere is great. Great thinking on the part of whoever arranged our seats- we got the only circular table in the whole shop as we had 6 people. If you are just looking for an afternoon to chill, consider this place!

2 McCallum Street
Tel No: 6221 2105


u didn't try the paprika fries?????? such a pity! they're the best thing here!

noooo :(( am sure there will be a next time though!

my galfren always makes me dabao them back whenever i go there for lunch! that's how good it is.

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