Friday, March 20, 2015

Gurney Drive (Changi Airport)

We were looking for somewhere to satisfy our bellies before my friend flew off. For those who have been to Penang, you will definitely have heard of / visited Gurney Drive, located by a seaside promenade, with lots of stalls (and even more tourists). 

The place was surprisingly empty during lunchtime and we thought, "Is it because the food is bad?" Luckily, our fears were unfounded.

We decided to get the Premium Crab Meat Fried Koay Teow ($12.65). I was expecting a few shreds of crab meat. It was surprising that they were rather generous with the crab meat which added an interesting flavour to this otherwise generic dish. The Fried Koay Teow was not oily and had wok hei. The waiter also cautioned us prior to ordering the dish that it was spicy. Sure it was, but that just increased the shiokness of this dish!

The Gurney Nasi Lemak ($7.65) was pretty good as well. Distinctly separate and fragrant rice, coupled with the cannot-go-wrong deep fried chicken and the addictive ikan bilis landed my friend and I into a dilemma as to who should have which dish. As with all good things, share and you shall have the best of both worlds.

Value for money food.

Gurney Drive (various locations)
Terminal 3 Departure
Departure/Check-in Hall
Level 3 Mezz South #03-21
Tel No: 6441 1690 


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