Sunday, July 23, 2017

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

We had a free one night stay at a junior suite in Marriott as we had booked a package with them last year.

1. Location 

The location can't get any better. It is located in the heart of the shopping district and is incredibly near to the MRT station.

2. Room 

To our pleasant surprise, we were upgraded from the junior suite to the Premier Suite, which rate was more than double that of the junior suite! I can only say that it was a very luxurious experience. Located next to the pool, the room was adorned tastefully.

The bed and pillows were so comfortable and we had a good night's rest.

From the room, we had a view of the swimming pool. It's not like we really want to see the swimming pool (thinking of those vacations where we were in close proximity to the ocean!), but I really have nothing to complain about.

Besides the sofa area, there is also a dining area and a desk for you to do your work (complete with a TV).

3. Toilet 

The toilet was very spacious, with demarcated areas for the toilet bowl, basins, bathtub and shower area.

It's impossible not to fall in love with that toilet, not only for its furnishing, but also for its wonderful smelling and good quality Thann toiletries. These toiletries , I later found out, are natural aromatherapy products made using botanical sources. As a general rule, I bring my own toiletries when I travel because (1) I don't like the smell of the toiletries provided by the hotel or (2) the toiletries make my hair / skin rough. These Thann toiletries here have a refreshing orange smell and made my hair and skin smooth after shower. I know I have gone a little off tangent, from talking about the hotel room, to talking about these shower products. But these stuff are really good.

The bathtub is really there just to make people feel like every hotel stay after this will just be a bad one. There was a container of bath salt next to the bathtub and you could watch television as you bathed.

If you are not one for soaking in bathtubs,  there is also the shower area (with good water pressure).

Outside the room, there is a veranda and whirlpool. I mean, if there is a swimming pool outside your doorstep, I am not sure why anyone needs a whirlpool. I guess it's nice for two people to enjoy the stars at night in the whirlpool (I'm kidding, you probably can't see many stars at night from the hotel given that there is plenty of light pollution in Orchard road).

4. Executive lounge 

The room was fantastic but another highlight was the access to the executive lounge. From 530 pm to 730 pm there were complimentary hors d'oeuvres and from 730 pm to 930 pm, there were complimentary desserts. There are also drinks (including cocktails) and nuts available. We enjoyed the executive lounge because it had a very chill atmosphere with light music playing in the background and good service.

We went to the hors d'oeuvres expecting some small appetisers and were prepared to go out for dinner thereafter. What we didn't expect was that the amount of food was sufficient for dinner! They had both hot and cold food. Hot food included satay (which meat was in large chunks, well-marinated and very juicy), samosas and fried rice. Cold food included salmon, vegetarian rolls, sushi etc. They kept replenishing the food when it was running low. The desserts selection was not as impressive as the hors d'oeuvres and they did not replensish the desserts. The desserts were clearly not their forte.

The next morning, there was complimentary breakfast. Breakfast selection was not as wide as that at Marriott Cafe but nonetheless still made for a decent spread with muffins, croissants, bread, smoked salmon, limited dim sum and an omelette station.

There was also a selection of fresh fruits and yoghurt.

5. Amenities

There is a swimming pool, which is not large and not deep but good enough for a dip. There is also a gym which we didn't visit.

6. Conclusion 

Overall, the stay was very luxurious and we felt so pampered! 

The only small glitch is that we weren't sure whether we could go for the breakfast at Marriott Cafe (which definitely had a much wider spread). As such, we told the waitress our room number and asked her whether we were entitled to breakfast at the cafe. However, we were told that we were only entitled to the breakfast at the executive lounge and took her word for it as we didn't have a copy of the gift certificate. 

Honestly, we didn't mind breakfast at the executive lounge as well because the food was satisfying as well. However, after I checked out and checked a copy of my gift certificate (the original has been kept by them), I noted that it stated that we had a buffet breakfast for two at the Marriott Cafe. Maybe it's because they gave us executive lounge access so they cancelled our entitlement to breakfast to Marriott Cafe? We didn't pursue it because we weren't hard up for the breakfast at the Marriott Cafe in any event but just felt that this was all a little confusing.

Something that I was surprised about was the lack of complimentary wifi, in this day and age at a five star hotel. 

Otherwise, a great stay.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Tel No: 6735 5800 


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