Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Yoga School: Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is said to have a whole host of benefits and I wanted to remain somewhat flexible during pregnancy. The last thing I wanted was to be an immobile couch potato.

After looking around for a yoga studio, I decided on The Yoga School. The class timing was great because it was after work (they have a few timings throughout the week). The location was even better because it is in the CBD area and walking distance from my office.


The Yoga School is located on the 39th floor of OCBC Centre. The view from the studio is beautiful- I couldn't think of a studio which has better views. I would always choose the mat by the window because it is so relaxing to wind down looking at the night view of the city.

Credit: The Yoga School Facebook

I enjoyed attending Lay Peng's class. Her class strikes a balance between having a sufficiently intense workout, yet not too difficult or taxing on the students. She also takes the time to walk around and correct incorrect poses. If there are some poses that you are unable to do, she will suggest alternative poses. You were also free to voice out any pains / problems you have during the pregnancy, and she will see if there are any poses that could help alleviate the pain. I had leg cramps and she suggested some poses to help with the leg cramps.

She was also clearly knowledgable and would share some pregnancy-related information during class. While my initial plan was to see if taking prenatal yoga classes would eliminate the use of epidural (didn't work for me), I think the classes made me fit / flexible enough through the pregnancy.

She also took the effort to remember the names of the students in the class- this was really quite exceptional as many teachers will just go through the motion without remembering their students' names.


There were lockers and showers. All equipment that you require for class (e.g. mat, blocks etc.) are also provided so you do not need to lug them to class.

There is also an area where you could chill out and have some water while waiting for class. A very comfortable and tastefully decorated studio.

Credit: The Yoga School Facebook

Booking a mat is fuss free and straightforward. You just need a username and password to login to their online system to book a mat.


I would have thought that attending yoga at The Yoga School would cost an arm and a leg because it is in the CBD area. However, it turned out to be affordable, all things considered.

One class costs $38, 5 classes cost $180 (valid for 3 months from date of first class) and 10 classes cost $280 (valid for 6 months from date of first class). I signed up for the 10 classes package because it made sense- that's $28 per lesson. I also liked the period of validity for their packages as many studios have much shorter validities. When I signed up for the package, I could also choose from a free water bottle or EZ link card- not that I fancied either, but hey, it was free!


For the location, teacher and place, I think it was the right choice to attend prenatal yoga at The Yoga School.

The Yoga School 
OCBC Centre
65 Chulia Street
Tel: 6532 8228 


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