Saturday, September 1, 2012

Night Festival 2012

There's only so much a pair of legs can walk. The Night Festival is spread over a fair bit of area and I think it's nearly impossible to cover everything yet still hope your legs remain intact. If you haven't gone for it, tonight's your last chance. Here's a guide to the Night Festival. 

Be prepared for roving artists, dazzling light nights, heart-pounding music, acrobatic acts, artistic performances and spontaneity. 

At a alley along Armenian Street

Peranakan Museum

Along Armenian Street

Mylar at Singapore Management University Green

Circus at the National Museum by Circus Swingapore

We the People at National Museum of Singapore 

p.s. By the way, I must admit, I failed terribly at using a pair of chopsticks to pick marbles up at the Nestle Booth. If you are interested in some free honey stars or satchets of Milo, you can try your hand at the marbles station. 


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