Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eng's Noodles House

The one thing that people never fail to talk about when mentioning Eng's Noodles House, is its super fiery, super scary and super shiok chilli sauce. More about that later. I never had the chance to try this stall when it was at Dunman Road Hawker Centre but I'm not complaining since I don't need to queue after it has moved. 

The shop was completely packed at dinner. It's not air-conditioned but the ventilation is pretty okay. 

Here's the chilli sauce I was talking about. At least they have it in bottles. Normally, when you queue up for food, the aunty or uncle just asks, "Want chilli?" and a generous portion of chilli goes into it. Had this system been in place here, there would be no trace of doubt that I would be making many toilet trips. They are even kind enough to put a sticker on the bottle. I have a pretty okay tolerance for chilli but a squirt of this was enough to let me taste the prowess of this deceptively plain chilli sauce. 

The Wonton Noodles ($4) was served pretty quickly. $4 is a good price to pay for the amount of food as they don't skimp on the ingredients. The char siew is not dry, which is the case in many other stalls. I'm not a fan of eggy noodles although I've to say its texture is good and springy. The bite-sized wontons hidden snugly at the bottom of the bowl were flavourful and went well with the sauce.

The service was good and fast and the lady who served us was friendly. Try not to takeaway the food and eat it on the spot!

Eng's Noodles House
287 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel No: 8688 2727 


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