Thursday, September 29, 2011

Neptune Oyster (Boston)

Once upon a time in Little Italy of Boston, there was a mythical shop called the Neptune Oyster. Well-known for its lobster rolls, this place is thronged with people, partly also because the shop is pretty small. So, get your name on the reservation list before you go on exploring Little Italy, and hope for them to call you soon after.

I don't eat oysters because I've got something against raw things. But my friends ordered the oysters and they slurped it down and declared that it was fresh and juicy. The servers patiently explained what the different kinds of oysters were, so my friends ordered a few and decided to share it amongst themselves.

I agreed to go to Neptune Oyster only because everybody raves about their lobster roll. I decided to get myself the cold roll, instead of the hot buttered roll. They practically squished the roll to maximum capacity to get as much lobster as possible into that sandwich. There was a little mayo mixed with the lobster. I liked it, but not so much that I would dig deep into my pockets for a lobster roll - around USD $25. I didn't like the fries though- a little too charred for my liking. And I think I wasted a bit of fries, as I always do.

In my opinion, you'd be able to get the cold lobster roll at a slightly lower quality but at a much cheaper price elsewhere. (Maybe Quincy Market or something) But I heard that the hot butter lobster roll oozes so much happiness into your heart that you'll be hyponotised into paying for it. Then again, for those staying in Boston, there's always the option of Shaws. $12 for a whole lobster- make your own fresh lobster rolls.

63 Salem Street
Boston MA 02113
Tel: 617 742 3474


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