Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Charly T's

You can be sure that the chicken here lives up to whatever hype people have been giving it. Although I'm not too sure that the sides are that great.

About the chicken- it's moist and tender. I eat dry chicken meat all the time. But this is good- not over roasted so that it becomes parched and dry, but not under cooked such that there is still traces of blood.

You get to choose two dipping sauces and two sides. The sauces I chose were Kansas BBQ and Charly T's sauce. Well, the Kansas BBQ sauce tastes like BBQ sauce. The Charly T's sauce tasted a little weird.

As for the sides, the garden vegetable was overwhelmed by something which I can't put my finger to. But it wasn't a taste that I was particularly fond of. The potatoes were unfortunately too hard, would have been better if they were softer. My friend left practically the whole side alone because she didn't like it.

Overall, the chicken plus all these stuff costs $13, 10% off with Citibank card. This is somewhat a fast food restaurant, where you look at the menu at the counter and order there. The food came rather quickly. Service was not bad, but would have been better if they had a better knowledge of the ingredients in the sauces/sides.

Charly T's
20 Handy Road
Level 1 NOMU Building
Tel No: +65 6336 7789


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