Saturday, September 10, 2011

Full House

I don't know why I've been eating Korean food for the second time in less than a week given that I haven't eaten it in what must have been quite some time.

Today, we went to Full House because the reviews on it were pretty good. It was quite empty although it was was weekend noon. Anyway, we ordered a set lunch and the sides were free. There's a counter where you get a choice of what side dishes you want. They were pretty ordinarily tasting. While the variety was there, I preferred the one at Kim's. There's just some missing taste to it.

We ordered their dumplings as well. Crispy outer layer with some veggie and tang hoon in it.

This was the bibimbap. You got a soup to go along with it. You could choose from pork/octopus/vegetable. I chose pork. Well, you shouldn't choose this option if you're going healthy. They use the kind of fatty pork in your kong ba pao. It keeps the pork succulent, but at the same time, think of those fats. The rice was done nicely- a layer of hardened rice at the bottom but not charred. And the flavour of the sauce was a good accompaniment to the rice.

The set lunch is rather good value. Bibimap + soup + side dish = $10. The rest of the items might be slightly pricey though standard for Korean food I think.

336 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel No: +65 6344 6244


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