Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweet Dynasty (糖水吧)

Initially, I thought this place offered desserts. I mean, who wouldn't? But far from it, the focus of this place isn't the desserts.

But that doesn't matter the least bit. Because the place offers good food at low prices.

Originating from Johor, Sweet Dynasty offers a whole range of food, supposedly with Cantonese origins. But at the strong recommendations of my sister, we ended up ordering the curry with bread. Although there were advertisements on the walls showing how this particularly dish has been raved by other magazines and all, but we took a peek around the place and most of the people were eating the Western dishes instead. A wide choice for every palate, there's no reason you can't find something that will suit your tastebuds here.

More about the curry and bread ($5.50). This is the first time I've ever seen bread prepared like this. Bread obviously goes well with curry. But such a thick loaf of bread? Toasted to the right consistency, with an internal fluffiness it can compete with the clouds. Furthermore, you have the option of asking them to help slice the bread. They slice it thickly, so that you have maximum enjoyment (maximum surface area) dipping into the curry sauce.

The curry had chicken and potatoes in it. The chicken was tender and everything gelled well with the curry. You might think that the sauce is not spicy, but the more you ate the spicier it got. I was okay with the level of spiciness, although it might be a little spicy for others.

For desserts, I ordered a bowl of barley gingko ($2.80). Having been nagged by my mum my whole life of not mixing cold and hot food together, I decided to give the cold desserts a miss. The beancurd sheet in the dessert was very chopped up. Really depends on whether you like that kind of consistency, or the sheet or beancurd itself.

Service was great. First, you get told by the (i assume) lady boss that the "uncle" is coming to put summons on cars. Then, another older lady came by to give you more curry sauce (on the house) because she saw two people at our table sharing the bread. Then the boss (i assume again) came to ask us whether we wanted more gravy.

Cheap prices, great food- are you really expecting anything more?

Sweet Dynasty (糖水吧)
29 Keong Saik Road
Tel: +65 6223 0955


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