Friday, September 9, 2011

Maple Delights (Montreal)

The thing about guide books is that you really don't know how much trust to place in them. There is a tendency to flock to places which guide books place five stars on, but later you leave the place in disappointment.

This might just be one such place. I set foot at this place one rainy day in Montreal. An umbrella over my head, I was looking forward to entering this shop after hearing from friends that this place served pretty good food.

You have friendly servers to begin with. Thing is, I had problems communicating with one particular server. Because she couldn't understand English and I couldn't understand French- as simple as that. Therefore, I had to slowly enunciate my words, in the hope that she would get what I'm speaking. And my efforts didn't go to naught.

This place sold lots of maple products. Their gelato, peanuts, biscuits, maple syrup (surprise surprise), cosmetics were all maple products. They even had this little museum one floor down where you could see how they extract maple. (I bought a packet of maple nuts- and they weren't great at all.)

And so, this was what I ordered. Waffles with raspberry sorbet. Okay the thing is, I don't really have any gripe about this waffle. It's just that... it's far too ordinary and doesn't not match with the awesomeness that I had dreamed up from this shop. It was a satisfying eat (considering that it was raining outside), but I didn't feel like this maple stuff was anything out of the ordinary.

A little overhyped, I would think. But if you really need to lug a bag of Canadian maple products back to your home, by all means, visit this place.

84, St-Paul Street East
Montreal (Quebec)


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