Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kim's Family Restaurant

I'm a person who likes to look at food blogs with pictures. Therefore, it's nearly unacceptable that this post is devoid of pictures (didn't bring my camera along!). But if I were to compare having a blog post about food without pictures and not having any blog post, I'd rather the former.

I never knew that stretch of eateries existed next to Beauty World because I don't happen to live anywhere remotely near there. And it was because of my friends' major cravings for Kim's that we trooped down there.

Here's a video featuring the restaurant.

The first thing that greets you in a really strong smell in the shop, a smell that will stick with you after you leave the shop. I try as far as possible not to step foot in these kind of shops because I don't want to go around smelling like what I just ate.

That aside, we ordered some food to share- kimchi pancake, bibimbap and BBQ pork. We got promptly served with 10 complimentary side dishes. Yes, you got that right, TEN. Ikan bilis, some green chinese vegetable, kimchi, cucumber, cuttlefish, fishcake, mushrooms, cabbage or something similar, large beansprouts and potatoes. These side dishes are appetising, just that i didn't really like the Chinese vegetable because it was a little bitter. But the rest were a good start to an appetising meal.

The spicy pork was a heap of pork (four of us shared it). It's spicy and sweet, and goes really well with rice. Just that we had some minor problem with it cos it was a little minced and was a little difficult to pick up with the chopsticks.

The kimchi pancake was huge also. We couldn't finish it. The taste of the kimchi wasn't strong and the pancake wasn't oily. An image of 葱油饼 appears in my mind- I don't eat it because it normally oozes with oil. My friend is a big fan of the kimchi pancake here.

And the bibimbap was spammed with the red chilli sauce before mixing it up. I'm not accustomed to eating Korean food so I don't appreciate how bibimbap tastes "super awesome" according to my friend. Plus each of us just had a few chopsticks worth of rice because four of us shared on bibimbap!

The trip here was an eye-opener for a non-Korean food eater. The portions are big and relatively expensive ($20 for the BBQ pork). So do not try to order a BBQ pork and try to finish it on your own. It's better if you go in a group so that you guys can share the cost and the huge portions as well! Between the four of us, we paid $11.55, so share!

Kim's Family Restaurant
17 Lorong Kilat
#01-06 Kilat Court
Tel: +65 6465 0535


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