Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kyo-Nichi Japanese Ramen

After attempting to find out what authentic ramen in Japan tastes like, by going to Tonkotsu King and Bario Ramen, I've reverted to my old ways to eating not-so-authentic ramen, like those in Ajisen. (Disclaimer: I like the ramen at Ajisen, so read any ramen posts with caution!)

So we arrive at this place Kyo-Nichi which my mum raves about. Sometimes, I just don't understand why my mum is more hip than me, trying all the food I've never tried before.

And here you have it, the Singaporean's favourite way to discern whether a place is good. If newspapers say it's good, it must be good right.

So we ordered the cha shu ramen. The pork broth is supposed to have collagen in it. But I'm a person who doesn't drink the broth of anything intentionally, because of the fats and all that stuff. But I did take a few spoonfuls of the soup and the soup were flavourful, but not salty.

There was a generous portion of cha shu which was pretty tender. You didn't need to lose the top of your teeth trying to grind the char siew up. Now, don't tell me you don't know of a place which has char siew so hard that you have to literally rip it. Noodles was average.

It was around $12 (i can't remember the exact figure) which is a decent price to pay for a bowl of ramen like this. Alas, it would have been more worth it if you called for the set. Here's where the dilemma sets in. The set requires you to order ramen worth below $11 in order to enjoy the set (with a can drink and a side dish) at $15.

It was totally empty when we entered today, maybe because there's is no lunchtime crowd to speak of. The waitresses hailed from Hainan and therefore, you might as well speak Mandarin to them since they will reply you in Mandarin anyway.

Kyo-Nichi Japanese Ramen
20 Cross Street
China Square Central
Tel: +65 6327 3919
(Closed on Sunday)


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