Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuckshop Cafe

Safely tucked in an industrial building, Tuckshop is a place where you wouldn't really go to unless you knew that it existed. If you are thinking old-school tuckshop, then you can't be more wrong.

There are furniture samples in the shop. If you are interested, you could buy them or ask to get a new piece done for you.

Here's the menu for your reference, although I forgot to take another picture of the dessert menu on the flip side.

I ordered Fish and Chips ($10.90). Personally, I felt that the portions were a little small. But that might be because I'm a big eater. The fish and chips does not taste greasy and is exceptionally smooth inside. Glad they provided salad greens instead of the standard coleslaw as well. I'm not clear what batter this was and any form of enlightenment is welcome. It looks and tastes different from the normal beer battered fish though.

My friend ordered Four Cheese Sandwich ($7.80). I didn't try it but according to him, it tasted pretty good.

To round of the meal, we decided to go for an Apple Crumble ($6.90). My idea of a good apple crumble is where the inside is gooey and filled with chunky apples and yet not too sweet, and lastly topped off with lots of crumbs. This particular apple crumble (besides it being rather small) satisfied the gooey and not too sweet criteria but did not impress me with the crumbles.

Overall, this is a cool hangout place with nice music. Familiar tunes from the Beatles or Frank Sinatra were played. Friendly servers. Pity they don't serve water. Food is pretty good, except that I felt that the portions were too small.

Tuckshop Cafe 
178 Paya Lebar Road
Tel No: 97373971/6748 9308


Looks affordable and nice, too bad there's no beautiful sceneries. Blog owner: can you recommend any cafes or restaurant that is as affordable as this and has beautiful scenery around(city nights or sorts)? email me @softblader@hotmail.com Thank you.

hi there!

first thing that really came to my mind was gluttons bay along esplanade. but from your post, i gather that you're not really interested in hawker food?

ma maison's pretty good too. you get to see clarke quay. but it's indoors.

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